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  • Demister Balls(Acid Mist Suppression Balls)
    Demister Balls(Acid Mist Suppression Balls)
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    Item No. Dia6mm/10mm/15mm/20mm/25mm
    Demister Balls(Acid Mist Suppression Balls)
    Diameter 6mm/10mm/15mm/20mm/25mm
    Material Hollow/Solid Polypropylene
    Color Natural
    Surface Polished or unpolished
    Packaging 10000pcs per carton, plastic bag inside the carton

    Demister balls are usually made of air filled plastic and float on top of a fluid.There are often used in Electrowinning processes where they float on top of the Acidic Electrolyte. The acid mist particles which are released from the top of the electrolyte tends to coalesce on the surface of the balls due to condensation and impaction and are then returned harmlessly to the electrolyte solution. Demister balls also insulate any covered fluids and reduce heat loss thereby increasing.

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